Sherlock Holmes - Interactive Story

Twisted Tales are a parent’s dream!

Our interactive, choose-your-own-adventure stories will entertain the kids for hours on end, all whilst improving their reading, listening, and decision-making skills. Genius? We know!

Children love the app because it breathes life into their favourite stories by using professional voice actors, sound effects, music, and vibrant illustrations to fully engross them in the story. Seriously, good luck tearing them away from a story once they start.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the world, Twisted Tales also allows you to take on the roles of characters and see the story unfold from their point of view – meaning that as well as solving crimes as Sherlock Holmes himself, you can also play as of the stories villains. If you’re clever, perhaps they can even be redeemed!

And it’s not just the kids enjoying the app, parents love it because it’s bringing the magic back to reading: Kids can’t get enough of it! This is an app that educates and entertains children at the same time, the perfect tool for parents who want their children to grow up knowing education doesn’t have to be boring.

Twisted Tales include:

  • Professional voice acting
  • Immersive music
  • Flawless sound effects
  • Multiple choices and alternative endings
  • A reading assistant that synchronizes audio with text
  • A built-in parental lock for security